NSS® Colt 1450 P FMS Wet/Dry Vac

Item # 0800814

  • The Colt FMS vacs from NSS are ideal for large area, wet pick-up applications because of their speed.
  • 16.8" x 21"
  • 14.5 gal. recovery capacity, tip-dispose base for emptying
  • Polyethylene tank w/5 year limited warranty
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Each model recovers liquid up to 4 times faster than a conventional wet/dry vac with a hose, wand and 14" squeegee tool attached to it.


Because of their speed, the Colt FMS vacs are especially productive in large stripping or scrubbing applications and accidental flood situations-when sprinklers activate or toilets overflow. This is why they are an essential tool for any maintenance program, especially those of contract cleaners, schools, office buildings and grocery stores.

Easily empty a full tank without spills with the tip-dispose feature. Handy grip at the bottom of the tank makes lifting the tank easy.

Quiet Operation

Through the use of roto-cast polyethylene powerhead parts, NSS has engineered a unique system of muffling vac motor noise.

Suction air moves through the Colt powerhead in such a way that it is squeezed into narrow openings and released into larger chambers several times to quiet motor noise - much like the way a car muffler works. Colt operates at a quiet 62 dB.

The motor compartment is sealed from the suction air to prevent damage by water, dirt or debris. A separate stream of clean air cools the motor.


  • Motor: 1.23 hp, 2-stage bypass, 110-120 v, 1.23 hp, 2-stage bypass, 220-240v available
  • Current: 6.2 amps @ 115v, 3.1 amps @ 230v
  • CFM/Waterlift: Closed-CFM 0, Waterlift-84", 3/4"-CFM 48.3, Waterlift-39.5", 1"-CFM 68.4, Waterlift-25.5", 1 1/4"-CFM 80.3, Waterlift 14.8", 1 1/2"-CFM 87.8, Waterlift-8.5", 2"-CFM 92.0, Waterlift-2.9"
  • Front Squeegee: 27", toe operated squeegee
  • Recovery Capacity: 14.5 gal. Wet, 1.7 bu. Dry
  • Tank Size: 24 gal.
  • Tank Construction: Rotocast Polyethylene
  • Filter: Area-625 sq. in.[2], Material-Cotton (synthetic material optional) supported by aluminum ring
  • Sound Level: 62 dBA @ operator position (10' from machine)
  • Cord: 35', 18-3 SJT WA
  • Base: Tip-dispose, polyethylene construction
  • Warranty FMS: 3 years limited, 10 years polyethylene parts
  • Weight: Colt Powerhead 22 lbs, Colt 1450 P FMS 73 lbs.