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Chemical Dispenser & Equipment


Betco® D Cap Adapter 1/4" For Pail

Mating cap green 1/4" barb for pail. 5 gallon pail mating cap.

Alternate #91938

Betco® FastDraw Pro® Four Product Dispenser

The most durable, versatile and simple 4 bay locking chemical management system on the market. Durable construction handles the toughest environments. Simple one-hand bottle fill - lift-n-fill.

Alternate #92174

Betco® Symplicity™ Solid Sink Bowl Kit w/Wall Charts

Alternate #92104

Betco® Fastdraw® Dispenser System

Extremely easy to install. Simple to change or replace product. Instantly primes, when disengaged product drains back into container, no cross-contamination. Numbered and color coded for simplified use and training. Flick of lever gets either bottle or bucket fill solution. Small convenient product rack holds up to four products.

Alternate #91043

Betco® Fastdraw® Foamer II Portable Durable Foam Gun

A durable foam gun that utilizes Betco exclusive Fastdraw® products. Features include a surecomfort™ grip handle, spay and rinse capabilities. Adjustable spray patterns. Generates rich and thick foam for vertical surfaces. Ideal for shower and kitchen cleaning.

Alternate #98487

Betco® Fastdraw® Freedom Portable Dispensing System

Clean without limits! One portable dispensing system does it all. Fill bottles, buckets, automatic scrubbers and foaming spray applications. Simply hook up hose and dial your application. No tubes to connect or metering tips to install.

Alternate #91290

Betco® Fastdraw® Rack

Holds up to four Fastdraw™ products. Lightweight - Mounts onto virtually any surface. Simple mounting instructions. Filled spray bottles easily hang on bottom shelf.

Alternate #91044

Betco® Simplicity™ Sink Station ll

Utilizes dishwash detergent and sanitizing products. Mounts directly above the sinks. For use in food service setting. Uses 2.5 gallon supermarket bags. Ideal for the food service setting.

Alternate #91165

Betco® Wash Rinse Sanitized Decal 3 Skin Labels

3-sink decal.

Alternate #91976

Flo-Master® 1961VI Commercial Cleaners Sprayer - 3 Gal.

These sprayers were designed to apply commercial cleaners (including solvent based), degreasers, oils, stain removers and waterproofers. Pressure relief valve. Viton® seals for chemical-resistance. Reinforced hose. Brass flow control with lock-on feature. Brass wand with brass flat-fan patterned nozzle. Carrying strap on 1962VI and 1963VI. Available in 1 gallon, 2 gallon and 3 gallon capacities.

Alternate #1963VI

Flo-Master® 1970 Series Tank Sprayers

These sprayers feature a white, translucent HDPE tank so it's easy to see the fill level. They have economical Buna seals, and a poly flow control, wand and nozzle. Adjustable spray pattern. Funnel top. Reinforced hose. Suggested applications are herbicides, pesticides, and cleansers.

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EnvirOx® E2B2™ Dispensing System - Concentrate 117

Easy to use and reliable. Manufactured by DEMA® Engineering Company and features a proprietary EnvirOx® design. The wall mounted E2B2 easily fills application containers in all sizes and shapes with either light duty or heavy duty dilutions. Easy servicing and tip change, no need to remove from wall! Easy bottle loading and removal. Low foaming. ASSE 1055 certified. IAPMO certified. Use to fill mop buckets, autoscrubbers and secondary bottles. High flow and low flow sides make this easy and effective.

Alternate #4-252-117