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Betco® FiberPRO® 8 Carpet Extractor - 8 Gal.

The Betco Fiberpro™ 8 Carpet extractor effectively cleans all types of carpeting. The simple design makes training easy and reduces operator fatigue. 1/3 hp brush motor. 41" L x 17.5" W x 34" H. 8 gallon solution/recovery capacity.

Alternate #87304

ICE® IE410 Carpet Extractor

Balances solution pressure, brush agitation, and vacuuming all at once. Large recovery tank window. Cleaning width of 16". Power cord length is 50'. Power: 1680 Watts; Voltage: 120 V; Water lift: 120". Air flow: 95 CFM; PSI: 100; Brush motor: 150W/1400 RPM. Solution tank: 10 Gal.; Recovery tank: 8 Gal.

Alternate #IE410

NaceCare™ AV12QX Quiet Self-Contained Extractor-12 Gal.

Runs at less than 60 dB(A) so it is great for use in noise sensitive areas such as hospitals, hotels, nursing homes and 24 hour facilities. Vacuum Motor: 1,250 W, 1.7 Hp, 3 stage. Brush Motor: 100 W, 0.13 Hp. Power Supply: 120 v/60 Hz.

Alternate #AV12QX

NSS® Stallion 12SC Self-Contained Carpet Extractor -12 Gal

Cleans carpet quickly and efficiently. Top quality construction, remarkable ease of operation, and versatility. Vacuum motor: Dual, 2-stage tangential, 3.5 HP, 200 CFM. Brush motor: Permanent magnet, 0.167 HP, 2100 RPM. Cord: 50', 12-3 SJTW safety yellow with molded plug.

Alternate #4801291

NSS® Stallion 818 SC Self-Contained Carpet Extractor-8 Gal

The Stallions maneuverability and deep-down cleaning make it the perfect extractor for restoration of small and medium-sized carpeted areas. Pump: 100 PSI, by pass, diaphragm type, 115 (110V). Vac Motor: 3-stage tangential, 1.88 HP, 120V. Brush Motor: Permanent magnet, 0.125 HP, 120V, 1200 RPM.

Alternate #4800818