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Chair Glides


Expanded Technologies Heavy Duty Felt Pad - 1 1/4", Beige

Reduce noise and protect floor from scratches, dents and rust stains. With peel and stick backs, our heavy duty felt pads help keep furniture joints from loosening, protect any type of hard floor and reduce noise associated with sliding furniture. Recommended for wood, VCT floors, drawers, furniture surfaces and cabinet doors.

Alternate #303-B

Expanded Technologies Wrap-Around™ Slider

Provides replacement glides and floor protection for chairs with sled bases. Peel and stick backs. Pads stick tight. One size fits most rail sizes. Apply over existing glide or around rail.

Alternate #13254

Expanded Technologies CasterTire™ Floor Saver®-Charcoal

Convert damaging hard plastic casters into soft, quiet, floor saving wheels. Casters roll smoothly and quietly. Prevent sliding and skidding. 3/8" x 1 3/4". Recommended to protect all surfaces; VCT, ceramic tile etc.

Alternate #410-10PC

Expanded Technologies Clear Sleeve™ Floor Protectors

Prevents damage normally caused by moving furniture. The transparent, flexible sleeve securely forms to the size and shape of chair or table legs, eliminating the need for adhesive. The cushioned felt tip lasts longer than standard felt pads, dampens noise and distributes weight evenly for better furniture wear. Protects floor surfaces from scratches and rust stains.

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Expanded Technologies Formed Felt™ Floor Savers®

Protect hard floors from damage and reduce noise dramatically. The reinforced felt materials create added durability to withstand substantial wear and tear. The formed side fit securely around chair and table legs to ensure they stay put while still allowing for simple furniture movement.

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Expanded Technologies Slip-Over™ Installation Tool

6 1/4", Blue.


Expanded Technologies Slip-Over™ Floor Savers®

Slip-Over™ Floor Savers® protect hard floor surfaces from damage. The Slip-Over™ consists of a reinforced felt bottom and a vinyl sleevelet that encases the existing chair or table glide. The sleevelet is designed to fit snugly around an existing glide to stay on tightly without adhesive. The Slip-Over™ prevents floor damage and reduces noise associated with moving furniture. Recommended for hardwood floors, VCT, vinyl, linoleum, finished concrete and ceramic floors.

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Expanded Technologies Slip-On® Floor Savers®

Simply slide over chair and table legs to prevent floor damage and to reduce noise associated with moving furniture. Protects hard floor surfaces from damage. Vinyl sleeve with a reinforced rounded felt bottom. Lasts 4 times longer than standard felt protective pads. Slip easily over round or square legs. Stays put without adhesive.

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Expanded Technologies Wrap-Around™ Floor Savers®

Easy to apply. Attaches to itself for longer lasting, improved hold. Conforms to glide or rail to achieve a perfect fit. Vinyl wear cushion distributes weight, casing less wear to pad and floor. Provide floor protection for chairs and sled bases. Peel and stick backs. Pads stick tight. Formed sides and stress relieving design ensure the pad will stay on. One size fits most rail sizes. Apply over existing glide or around rail. Perfect for stackable chairs.

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